Piggy on the Railway Line

Piggy on the Railway Line Picking Up Stones Rhymes Song for Kids

This is a great nursery rhyme for children. It is, as the name indicates, about a piggy on a railway line. It is very popular with children all over the world and like other nursery rhymes, it is available in a variety of languages and can be found in videos with animations and cartoons which children simply love!

This nursery rhyme is mostly in English but is also available online in other languages to appeal to different people. It aids in the mental development of children to remember rhymes and recognize animals such as a pig, which is showed in a friendly manner. It also helps children identify the railways as a form of transport, and most children already love trains.

It also helps instill responsible behavior in children as this nursery rhyme talks about not coming too close to the railway lines and maintaining a safe distance in order to be safe. The piggy breaks its promise of not going close to the railway lines and ends up breaking its bones as a lesson. It then promises never to go near them again.

The lyrics of this nursery rhyme are as follows:

Piggy on the railway line, Picking up the stones

Down came the engine

And broke Piggy’s bones

‘Ah!’ said the piggy, ‘That’s not fair!’

‘Oh!’ said the engine driver, ‘I don’t care.’”

The verse mentioned above is from the original nursery rhyme. It is much longer, but the whole idea and concept remains the same about the piggy on the railway line. This is a great way to reinforce the notion of staying away from railway lines. Children can learn from the piggy as it does not listen and ends up paying the price.

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