ITV Network – Fastest Growing Media Network Of India

The iTV Media Network has news channels as well as newspapers that have attained millions of viewers and readers in a short duration. Media and News is the most competitive genre and excelling in this field is quite a difficult task. iTV network, however, uses high-quality journalism to continue providing viewers and readers with unique news and information on a consistent basis. The two major channels of Kartikeya Sharma’s ITV network are the India News and NewsX.

About iTV Network:

iTV Network started out in 2007 with a 24-hour Hindi channel named as ‘India News’. The channel used to address the problems of the common people there, and because of the differentiated content, it quickly gained popularity among the viewers. In 2012, iTV media network acquired an English channel named as NewsX and after two years the channel won the best English channel of the year award in 2014. NewsX has a huge viewership among modern and educated Indians because of unique content and style.

Apart from these two national channels, the iTV network also operates 5 regional channels. There are two popular newspapers named as the Sunday Guardian and Aaj Samaaj operated under this network too. The Sunday Guardian is a newspaper based in Delhi, and it has become one of the best Sunday newspapers for the people there. Aaj Samaj is the newspaper that delivers news on a daily basis and it is also a popular one.

Kartikeya Sharma has also introduced wrestling to the Indian people under the brand of the Pro Wrestling League. This will give a big exposure to the Indian wrestlers and will contribute to this sport. Sharma is known for his talent and visionary ideas and he has successfully created brands from the scratch and also expanded various businesses in the right way.